Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pink Tourmaline Woven Bangle

This one of my successful pieces I have made since march last year.
I was given this pink tourmaline as a gift by Lee Everitt.
She said after giving me the stone I must do something nice with it,
and this is the wonderful bangle design I came up with. I think the rough texture of the weaving complements the lenient pink faceted pear shaped tourmaline with smooth shiny side bands finishing off the bangle directing the eyes where to look at.


I hallmarked my name on a piece of silver metal strip and soldered on either sides of the side bands where the silver and gold braiding meet. After noticing DAMIANI Italian jewellery house they brand their jewellery on the outside

It’s not how big it is – it’s what you do with it! (Stack Rings)

I made this round double weave stack rings for Veronica Anderson's new theme, made out of five silver woven rings with tube charms set with green tourmalines on bothsides of the tube. they can also be worn as earrings or a pendant on a tiny chain.